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Though they have made it’s quite simple to install BuddyPress but it is to my surprize that number of people had stucked(and some even still have stucked, please refers to the link above) on some issues. One of the common problem that many people has come across is the step of changing “Permalinks” structure to something else that is NOT the default one.

Sounds easy but for those of you who use share hosting or the system that wasn’t configured by yourself, there are very high chance that you might forgot to set the permission of the .htaccess file properly that wordpress application cannot modufy the file. The consequence of failing to modify .htaccess for new Permalinks rule will prevent BuddyPress to link successfully to some of the inner page like “/wwwroot/members” or “/wwwroot/groups” etc.

Captured 404 Not Found Error Image

I have answered in short at the mentioned link but will describe in more details of how it can be achieved for those who are still struggling (like I was!) to follow:

  1. First try modify the Permalinks structure to something else NOT default as suggested by the installation method by enter the /wp-admin page and click on menu Settings -> Permalinks
  2. Look at the bottom of the page should you see the warning message says “If your .htaccess file were writable, we could do this automatically, but it isn’t so…” (WordPress version 3.0.1) it is the indicator that wordpress does not have permission to modify the file. In general, there are two option you can choose, first modify the Permission Mode and/or change the owner/group of the file, second manually edit the file and upload it to the server. We are going to take the second choice since it needs no explanation of how Permission Mode works (Though it is some thing that will come to bite you again soon!)
  3. Use any mean (ftp, ssh, web file manager etc.) to download .htaccess file from your www root directory. Some of ftp client do not show this type of file (files beginning with . dot) by default so be sure to tell the program to show all hidden files.
  4. Copy the code shown below the warning message and then paste it in the .htaccess file just downloaded (append to it if it already have some contents in side).
  5. Upload it back to server, ofcourse, overwriting the old file.

You should have your BuddyPress site fully navigatable by now then, good luck and happy blogging!


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