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The Innovation Playground,
Tech that matters,
Invention for cause,
Zen of Geek ..

What ever you name it, this site dedicates itself to the peace of mind through the invention of technology in our everyday to improve quality of life, relationship, productivity or just a relax moment

Just because human is part of nature doesn’t mean we should stop inventing, we simply need to put our heart in it ; )

Enjoy Sharing!

Wirawit Chaochaisit, Founder and CEO of Dadfha

Wirawit is currently working as IT professional instructor and consultant on Web 2.0, Embedded Systems and Software Engineering Best-Practices. His expertise includes, but not limited to, J2SE/EE/ME (SCJP), PHP Symfony Web Development Framework, wxWidget Cross-Platform GUI Application Framework, High Performance Computing. His diverse skills and experiences have made a strong foundation for his entrepreneurial innovative competence. He earned his Computer Engineering degree (B.Eng Hons) from King Mingkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. During the curriculum, he was given the best senior project award from the department and received Thailand Innovation Award from Her Royal Highness Princess Kallaya Niwattana in the same year. He is the co-founder of Thailand biggest download web portal, ThaiWare.Com.


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