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The bangkok marahon!

Posted on: November 23, 2008

Well , it has been more than a few years already to continuously run for more than 10km.

In my high-school time, I was expected to take a half-marathon when I was an exchange student in Japan for one year. It was amazing on how can I improve so much through hard training which was held through out the year. At the beginning of the semester, I cannot even finish two rounds of soccer field just like other classmate did in the average time. But at almost the end of the year, I’ve made 13km training course within 1hr 1xmin. kindda proud of it a bit ;-). However, never I went to real half-marathon which was held when I already got back to Thailand.

Today recalling me those moment. I was out there for KrungThep Marathon! 10km , an easy one. And here you are the prove.

Bangkok Marathon 2008!


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